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Unscheduled Maintenance Protection Program

What we believe in
Unexpected Mechanical Failures are Never Convenient for an Aviation Budget!

Av-Guard  takes care of the rest at a much lower hourly rate than the other programs without sacrificing the quality of the work.
AvGuard’s Partnership Program for Unscheduled Airframe Maintenance: How the programs works. It’s a partnership between us and you the aircraft owner to keep these maintenance costs down, without sacrificing the quality of your maintenance for your aircraft.  We’ve have kept it simple, transparent and very affordable to protect you and every dollar you spend on maintenance. Our goal is to use real numbers and together we are controlling our costs, compared to the other programs with buy-ins, enrollment fees or changing out parts they are showing wear but have plenty of time remaining before reaching the maintenance manual guidelines, multi-year contracts or escrow  accounts that are perpetual in nature.

AvGuard is a 12-month contract with no buy-in fees, no enrollment fees, no 250 or 300 hourly minimums per year like other available maintenance programs. Just a straight year to year and you can renew or not renew, it’s your option. However, we know the partnership arrangement will give you the comfort and peace of mind you will be spending less and having AvGuard helping controlling the costs. AvGuard has a lower realistic hourly rate, making it 50% to 60% lower than the other programs. The hourly rate and multiple the number of hours you plan of flying for the year. You prepay the annual costs, AvGuard pays for the unscheduled airframe events.  Every dollar is wisely spent and watched over for you, the aircraft owner.

Why AvGuard

• Our discounted cost of parts rather than paying full retail and eliminate costly maintenance surprises!

• Our AvGuard discounts through 145 maintenance facilities eliminating the over billing for Labor and Parts. Huge Savings For You!

• AvGuard’s Seasoned Maintenance Adjusters monitor every dollar for you during your scheduled and Unscheduled events.

• AvGuard offers ONE FIXED HOURLY cost coverage for 12 months and you pick how many hours per year you plan to fly.

• No costly enrollment inspections necessary.

• $0 enrollment fees, $0 buy-in fees.• One yearly affordable HOURLY price.

• AvGuard offers the Airframe, Avionics and engine(s) together or Al’ a Cart. You pick the coverages you need.

• Repairs can be made at any OEM, FAA approved facility or equivalent worldwide.

• End of year rebate for qualifying aircraft to be applied to the following year's coverage.

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AVGuard is your partner

With AVGuard you pay only for the things you need, while still benefitting from catastrophic coverage.Our skilled team of OEM experts is committed to providing service options that keep your engines covered at a fraction of the competitors’ price.

Unique Features

Any unscheduled or catastrophic engine maintenance

Engine catastrophic failure included (if you lose an engine, it gets replaced)

Huge discount on your engine midlife’s and overhauls

Premium Benefits
NO BUY IN’S, Just Enroll and YOUR COVERED THE SAME DAY. GUARRANTEED NOT TO EXCEED PRICING ON YOUR MID-LIFE & OVERHAULS. FREE LOANER ENGINES & FREE SHIPPING. End Of Term Rebates.Predictable budgetFull program portability with sale of aircraft, adding value of the sale of your aircraft.

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Enrollment is simple and easy. Hedge against the unknown costs of a failure with CEC.
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