Single & Twin Engine Helicopters

Helicopters – coverage includes: engine, main gear box, free wheeling unit, fuel system, main drive-shaft and couplings, main rotor head assembly, tail rotor blades, hydraulic and electrical systems, straps and blades, tail rotor drive-shaft, rotor break, tail rotor gearbox, mast and assembly, avionics and air conditioning.*All premiums listed below are from recent enrollments and quotes.


AvGuard Provides Coverage to 447 Makes & Models!  If you did not see your aircraft above please request a quote.

All exclusions and terms and conditions are provided to all parties interested in enrolling into the AvGuard program and associated coverage that can be obtained.  Please contact Flight Support Group/ AvGuard to obtain all documentation on the AvGuard Program.


Avionics and Engines are covered by a third party” through FSG / AVGuard


Prices are general price points on each displayed aircraft, pricing will change based on the actual aircraft which is not limited to YOM, AFTT and Cycles. Please inquire for a detailed quote on any of the AvGuard programs.